Check-Up And Clean

Maintain optimal oral health and a bright smile with our comprehensive check-up and cleaning services.

Comprehensive Cleaning: Beyond the Surface

Our check-ups extend beyond visual examinations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including, ultrasonics, and chemical therapies, we provide the most thorough cleaning experience. This involves the removal of soft plaque, external stains, and hard tartar buildup for a comprehensive oral hygiene approach.

Trusted Dental Experts: Your Partners in Oral Well-being

Our dedicated team of trusted dental experts prioritises your oral well-being. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to deliver the highest standard of care during every check-up and cleaning session.

Proactive Oral Health Maintenance: Partner with Us

Take the proactive step in maintaining your oral health by scheduling routine check-ups and cleans with our experienced team. Let us be your partners in keeping your smile healthy and vibrant. Contact us today to book your next appointment and embark on a journey to optimal oral well-being.

What Our Patients Say

From the moment you walk through the door, and all the way through to aftercare, we aim to deliver a personalised and exceptional experience, helping you get the smile you deserve.

Unlock Your Perfect Smile Today!

Embrace the joy that comes with a healthy smile! Secure your appointment today and let us create a personalised dental care plan tailored to your needs.
Welcome To Atelier Dental
Formerly known as “Buderim Dental”, we’ve rebranded with a renewed vision and the same trusted team at Atelier Dental.